Build your own site in 1 hour

We’re get you started in 1 hour or less

We’ll show you how to set up your new website and lay the groundwork for your new online brand. We also equip you with the expertise you’ll need to administer your site. Let’s talk while I show you how to maintain your site secure, up-to-date, and optimized!

1-hour consultation / $49.99


The foundation of your website is the hosting. We show you how to use premium hardware to ensure your website is at-the-ready for your visitors.


Your name is your brand that everyone will recognize you by. We’ll assist in purchasing the URL that your audience will use to get your WordPress website.


The WordPress platform must then be installed.
This is the most widely used CMS framework on the planet.
You’ll have all the tools you need to create and manage your own personalized website right at your fingertips.


WordPress is well-known for its usefulness and accessibility, yet its popularity makes it a tempting target for evil actors. We’ll assist in ensuring your visitors are protected, risks are mitigated, and a more secure WordPress site.

Create Your Own Website, We’ll Help You

Unlike other platforms with reduced recurring monthly costs, this website is completely customizable and yours to keep. This provides you the opportunity to create your own vision and style for your WordPress website.
You can also relocate your website to any hosting service you like without incurring any costs.

Our 1-Hour Consultation:

  • Purchasing and configuring your WordPress Hosting
  • Purchasing and configuring your domain name
  • Installing and configuring the basics of WordPress
  • Installing and configuring security plug-ins
  • Testing your website is fully functional

What You Need:

  • Email address for purchased services
  • Provide payment information for website services (Credit Card / Bank Account)
  • Preferred username and password


Can I see a WordPress site before I start?

Absolutely! For no cost, we can show you how a WordPress site looks, feels, and functions. Please get in touch with us or set up a 15-minute meeting with us for a brief demonstration.

Who should consider this service?

This solution is for you if you have strong technical skills and the time to develop your own website. All of our services can be mastered; some are simple to learn, while others need years of practice. We’re here to provide you with the basic tools you’ll need to succeed.

What makes this different from the recurring monthly website services?

WordPress is the most widely used content management system for a reason. It provides you complete control over your website. Other, less expensive solutions offer you the impression that it’s your site. If you are dissatisfied with their services, your website will remain online. This will require you to start over from the ground up on building your website brand.

WordPress Managed Hosting Photo

Ready to Get Started?

Let’s get your website up and running! Give your business a face on the internet for all of your audience to see.

In 1 hour, you’ll be off the ground and ready to bring your vision to life.

1-hour consultation / $49.99

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